Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 28, 2013

Last Mountain Day

The weather man missed it today! Supposed to be a sunny morning and cloudy afternoon…..NO. So instead of driving to the top of the mountain like Flora suggested, we had a coffee in Arsiero with everyone in town, then headed up the valley again. The clouds kept rolling over us, but it looked brighter on up the valley into the Trentino Alto-Adige region. It was an interesting drive as we climbed in a hurry, again 180 + degree turns. We came back to the Veneto area for lunch at a place we had stopped for coffee Sunday….again, THE place… was full except for 1 table….all men and me. From the outside, again, nothing special, but the food was wonderful. The waitress’ helper made a big mistake and tried to deliver the apple strudel to us…..we had already finished and had no intention of dessert, but after I saw it…..HAD to have one to share. Yummy!


The water just pours out of the mountain here. The noise of this waterfall is LOUD!! This is just a portion of the falls.

I am sorry it was not a clear day, as the view of the villages down the valley is lovely. This is the best one we have, but it shows the depth of the valley….very impressive.

Tomorrow we head back to Bologna but since it is only a 1 1/2 hour drive, we will stop in Ferrara for lunch and to see it again. It is to be SUNNY at 68 degrees…..better be! We have had a passenger in the back seat since May 2. It has not been sunny enough for it to get out of the car.


We are glad we have explored this area of Italy even if the weather has not been the best. All of this country is beautiful, the food is wonderful and the people warm and friendly and are pleased to have Americans visit their area.


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