Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 27, 2013

Foodie Report

OK, here is the report on the one fancy dinner of the trip….really the only dinner. It was here at Giorgio e Flora where we are staying. Flora is the chef, not even 5 feet tall and a real dynamo. Very interesting menu with lots of flavors. Giorgio wanted to take our photo….we were concerned that just wearing jeans might be underdressed, but that is what everyone else had on too. Whew! But I have a really neat necklace I bought in Bologna for $10 that I forgot to wear; oh well.

20130527-094347.jpgWe shared a first course which was little phyllo packets with Asiago cheese served on dandelion greens with Basalmic vinegar….very good.

20130527-094526.jpgThen we each had a pasta; mine was tagliatelle with white and green asparagus in a leek sauce with saffron and slivered almonds.

20130527-094655.jpgLarry had penne with white ragu (veal meat).

20130527-094756.jpgLarry thought he HAD to try a desert and chose the dark chocolate soufflĂ© with vanilla ice cream, meringue crumbles and a mint leaf. The little hearts were cut out of something edible….do not know what.


Today we drove to Asiago, just like the cheese. It is over a 3000 foot mountain so there were a lot of switchbacks It is one of the villages that are on a high plain and it is beautiful and pastoral. However, we felt like we were in Aspen or Telluride! Everything was too perfect and the architecture was the same as Colorado….or the British Columbia Rockies villages. I could not get a photo approaching Asiago, but this is another village….they look alike….tall thin campanile and snow covered mountains in the background.


We ate lunch in an adjacent town and found this little trattoria off the main road….several trucks parked outside….YES! It was THE place to eat. The surprise is that the owner had attended Georgetown University, has been to Houston, and his son went to college in Tennessee….He said a US education is really important. We had a long conversation about politics, taxes etc after the other customers left. The food was delicious….this is Pasticcio….not Greek Pasticcio, but their version. It is made with crepes, asiago cheese and mushrooms. This is a half order!!! We shared one order or we would have been too stuffed to walk! We also split an antipasta plate of meats and cheeses with a surprise of potato salad! Very good.



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