Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 26, 2013


Here is the 6 room B&B where we are staying. Giorgio & Flora is the name. She is a fantastic chef and he seems to be the manager. Details of their restaurant on another post.

Here are 2 views we have from our room.


At the top of those 2 peaks there really are buildings! How do they do that? We were going to go to one (there is a road that takes one to within a 15 minute walk to the top with a fantastic view) but, before we could get there this afternoon clouds rolled over it. We will try to do that early Tuesday morning.

So, taking the advice of Flora, we drove to this beautiful little place.

There were a ton of cars parked along the narrow road and we could not understand why. The piazza in front of the church was full of people.

I asked a man if there was a festa today. He said, “no, they are making a movie about the war.” So, I watched what was going on as I sketched a little bit.



20130526-104422.jpg There is a lot of time between takes…..I was there for over an hour and they only shot 2 takes of about 30 seconds each!
The man I had asked about it came back to the square and we talked for a while and he told me that the film is about an Jewish Austrian young man whose family had left Austria during WWII and spent the war in an Italian mountain village. He went on to become a jazz musician, Oscar Klein. The man I had visited with left and Larry showed up after he was done sketching. We went to the bar for a coffee and there was the same man! He then read the article to me from the newspaper about the film and then he treated us to a coffee after telling everyone in the bar we were from Texas…..they are amazed that Americans show up in these places.

We had lunch in a slightly bigger town with what seemed like everyone in town. Apparently it was the day for First Communion as there were 3 groups of about 40 people each. They spend all afternoon eating so many courses….just amazing.

Since the mountain was covered, we drove on up the narrow valley and visited a few villages. Only had a few sprinkles today and THAT is a big deal!


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