Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 25, 2013

Chess & Yummy Things

20130525-113611.jpgDrove by this today….too early for nachos though, so we drove on to the town of Marostica where we spent most of the day. It has fortress walls that run up the hill completely surrounding the town. There is a large castle at the base and a smaller one on top of the hill. Very impressive.


This is not the castle at the bottom….it is a bank! The most unusual thing about this place is that in the middle of town is a large chess board. That is what the squares are In front of the bank. Every 2 years they play a game of chess with real horses and people. I made a photo of the poster….it would be fun to see.

We had a coffee at a pastry shop that had the most amazing display of goodies….and this is just part of them!

So for lunch we found a small osteria, very plain on the outside, but it was THE place to eat! It was packed so we had to eat outside, which was really nice….no rain!! We had roasted rabbit with polenta and chicken pieces with olives and peppers. This was after we shared a plate of Asiago cheese and meats.



As we drove to our final 4 night stop the clouds got darker and darker, then rain…..but we managed to find this little B&B tucked away in the hills. The weather has cleared now and we can see the fantastic view. I will get a good photo tomorrow….we are FINALLY going to have nice, sunny, but cool weather for several days. Bravo!!


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