Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 24, 2013


Here is part of the view from our room Wednesday afternoon…..see the neat little church?

Here is the same view this morning!

20130524-110322.jpgYep, snowed last night at just a few meters higher than where we were. Temperature was 39 or so….everyone has told us this May has been very unusual, much cooler and more rain than usual. Great. So, when we left the hotel the owner told us, since the weather was so nasty, go one place for an appetizer, another for pasta, another for meat course….sort of a progressive dinner. Clever.

We drove between 2 groups of mountains (that is what the MAP showed….we could see nothing because of rain!) We arrived in Asolo and it is a really neat little place, but too cold for sketching….not to mention wet. There are a lot of the porticos that would serve as shelter, but the hands would soon freeze up. So we made a few photos.



So, it was time for lunch, but we only went to one place that we had read about and shared 1 order of antipasta…the meat tray. The white ribbons in the middle are lardo…yep, lard. Fat from the edges of meat and it is delicious! That along with local prosciutto, salami, and another one whose name we do not know.

The pastas we chose were: a local pasta (bigoli) with smoked ricotta for Larry and I had tagliatelle with rabbit sauce. Both were great!

Our waitress wanted to take our photo, so here we are…..notice that we are wearing lots of layers.




  1. Love the photo of snow on the mountains 🙂 It is always difficult for me to wrap my mind around the “cold there, hot here,” thing.
    Good news from here – RAIN!
    Keep warm and enjoy . . .

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