Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 23, 2013


This is the best shot I could make of Belluno today as we drove in….no where to stop, so this was through the windshield. It is a nice city located on a spine with the Dolomite mountains as a backdrop…..very dramatic.

As I was standing on a corner, dodging traffic, I heard a clatter and around the corner came a truck with a trailer…..and “animals.”


We had our daily aperitivo…..but it has no name here in the Veneto….it is ONLY PROSECCO and Gingerino …NOT white wine and Gingerino. What is Gingerino????A lady who made the drinks for us in Friuli gave us 2 bottles to take with us. They are about 3 ounces of non alcoholic goodness.

20130523-125457.jpgThe Bicicletta in Friuli was a great bargain, but here in the Veneto the drink is about 2 times bigger! AND….more snacks… the price went up.

We had a sunny morning, cloudy afternoon and on the way back to the small town where we are staying, the rain started. No wonder the gardens and flowers are so beautiful….they NEVER have to water by hand. Tomorrow we go 1 1/2 hours south to Asolo for one night, but rain is predicted all day, so we may not see much except the underside of an umbrella.


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