Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 19, 2013

Sunday Rain

Forecast said rain today…heavy in afternoon, so we left early for a drive into some mountain valleys. Here is what we saw:



We had our morning espresso here. The bar is run by a older couple, but I could not catch them in a photo as they move quickly to serve coffee and pastries. It was a tiny place. We stood at the bar as both tables were full.

Then it really started raining; we found what we think must have been a beautiful place tucked between 2 big mountains, but it rained so hard we could hardly see….we may go back another day if the weather improves. So, we stopped here on our way back, everyone was going into this Osteria, (the bright yellow building) so we thought it must be the place to go….it was!

20130519-091633.jpgEveryone was drinking something orangey-pink…..I asked 2 ladies what it was…..they told me and we ordered them too. (yes, we are a lot like lemmings)

20130519-091448.jpgThe best bargain of the trip! They are a mixture of white wine (or rose or prosecco, your choice), ginger something and an orange slice….yummy! and served with sliced baguette and ham with pepper.

We had lunch here in Tolmezzo with what appeared to be everyone in town and pizza was the big deal. This one with arugula, little tomatoes and little mozzarella balls was great!

It is now late afternoon and the sky is clearing…..the forecasts here are not much better than at home!


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