Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 18, 2013


In less than 1 1/2 hours we were in the beautiful green mountains of Friuli. We thought we would stop somewhere to kill a little time before checking into the hotel apartment in Tolmezzo….we absolutely hit the jackpot! Venzone. This is the gate where we entered.

This is the main piazza of this small walled city complete with a moat (OK, no water….but…still a moat)

This is the church….under the baptistry there are 5 mummies that remain of the original 21 that were discovered many years ago. They were preserved by a bacteria found here that preserved the bodies. They had been kept in coffins in the church, but after a horrible earthquake in1976, only 5 could be recovered from the rubble. We did not venture in to see those guys…..the church was beautiful.

We found a little trattoria for lunch. We were the only ones eating inside….the hearty Germans and Austrians ate outside. ( we are very close to Austria)

I had the risotto with wild asparagus and Larry had homemade tagliatelle with ragu….we shared the salad and there were 4 kinds of bread! When we left, we were given a gift of pumpkin marmalade…just had some with out snack supper and it was delicious with the local goat cheese, pear, local prociutto and our bargain bottle of Brunello di Montalcino.

Venzone is a big area for lavender….I am inhaling deeply in one of the 3 lavender shops in town.

Here is a shot of where we are staying for the next 4 nights….the town backs right up to the bottom of a mountain. Lovely place.



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