Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 17, 2013

Trieste & Muggia

These photos give you the idea of the last 2 days….


Yep, rain…..yesterday we spent the day in Trieste (after a wild bus ride straight downhill!) where it rained all morning. But we still went to all the places our B&B owner, Fluvia, told us to see….however, sketching was not possible.

This city was part of the Hapsburg empire so there is a heavy influence from Austria. Fluvia told us to go to the famous cafe where writers and intellectuals used to gather….it was like being in Salzburg or Vienna….and so we HAD to have some apple strudel with our cafe.

20130517-111720.jpgThis was at 11….. dessert before lunch. As my Austrian friend, Erika, says, “in Austria you do not eat because you are hungry, but because it is good!” So we did!
We followed up with lunch at a seafood restaurant where Fluvia and her family go; she said it is just locals, and it was us and a bunch of business folks and some other retirees. No hint from the outside of what was inside.

Today we took the same bus to the city, walked to the boat stop and went to Muggia, a small town less than a mile from Slovenia….we loved it! Much more our speed instead of the city. It did not rain until we went to lunch, so got some sketching done. Here are a few shots of Muggia.



….and lunch in this little place was wonderful….

20130517-113452.jpgtoday I had the grilled calamari….2 really big guys and Larry had the fried calamari.

This is the little boat that goes between Trieste and Muggia….and we got rained on walking back to the bus stop…about a 15 minute walk.

Tomorrow we head to the big mountains, so goodbye seafood….but the weather is to be better.


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