Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 15, 2013

Duino Castle

Another beautiful day… 2 days may be quite rainy, so we have umbrellas and rain jackets handy for 2 days in Trieste. We are staying in a small town up the hill from the city and will ride the bus to the center as the old tram is undergoing renovation….it is from 1902, so I suppose it could need some work.

We spent most of the day in Duino, site of a fantastic castle. We spent time sketching the old castle from the wall of the new castle. We toured the new castle….opulent does not begin to describe it. Very impressive was the family tree….dating back to 1095! The old castle was built in the 11th century and the new one in the 16th….with more recent additions. Under the castle was a German bunker from WWII, which we also walked down (and up!) 90 some steps to where the exit was near the sea.

Old and new….



This is the entrance to the new one.


We have been anxious for some great sea food, but have not seen it on the menus even though we were not that far from the sea…..but NOW we are on the coast and we found a great place for lunch near the castle. This was before everyone showed up….

Larry had grilled calamari that was wonderful.

I asked the waiter how many mussels were in the appetizer order, 10? He said no, maybe 20. So that is what I ordered for my lunch….

20130515-105753.jpgSeriously!!!!We counted over 40!!!! and Larry helped me finish them. I knew they were fresh as we could see where they are raised right in front of the restaurant.


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