Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 13, 2013

Friuli…the most NE province

20130513-114934.jpgToday we entered Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region of Italy. It is the most north eastern region and the least visited. We are staying in the town of Palmanova….it is an old fortress….a 9 pointed star fortress. Here you can see an aerial photo: Palmanova

We entered town through this gate.See the truck barely fitting?

The center of the star has a huge piazza and our hotel is right next to the Duomo…..when the bells ring… is LOUD!


While we were sitting in the piazza I had to photograph these shoes. Then I decided there should be a caption…The other lady is saying,” My Goodness!!! How can you walk?” The man is saying, “What are you thinking???”


OK, foodies… we ate lunch in a very small town just south of Palmanova and I had a plate of spaghetti….I ate like an Italian….they always put their napkin in bib position…so do we! Even with that I got 3 oil spots on my shirt. Good thing we bring oil removing spray with us!

Larry had penne with the famous San Daniele prosciutto….supposed to be the best, but, shhhh, do not tell people in Parma…



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