Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 12, 2013


Beautiful day with perfect temperature of 68. We took the train from Ferrara to Padua near Venice. We had been told that if it weren’t for Venice, Padua would be the star of the Veneto. Yes there are canals and beautiful architecture, but… is not Venice. Here are a few shots:



EVERYONE was out in one piazza or another this morning.

20130512-121207.jpgWe found a small place for lunch and luckily sat down earlier than usual……the place filled up within a few minutes. Larry thought he’d have some meat….and he did! Osso Bucco….I had the soup of Orzo with asparagus and pancetta. Both very good!

20130512-121505.jpgAfter lunch we walked to this unique park; Prato della Valle. It is the largest square in Italy. There are 88 statues all the way around the outside and the inside of the water. Larry gets so tied in knots when things are “wrapped up” for repairs, and the first ones we saw were wrapped! Only 5 were wrapped up so plenty “unwrapped” and he was OK.

There was a lot of music in the streets today.



ALL of them were very good! The singer was very dramatic, the pianist excellent, and the band had a huge crowd watching them and a TV camera man filming them. It was a very nice day; the train back to Ferrara had started in Venice (only 15 minutes past Padua!) was heading to Bologna and was PACKED. After such a beautiful day, we are now having a thunderstorm! Then to clear up for tomorrow. Got to be flexible, carry sunglasses and a umbrella in Northern Italy.


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