Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 11, 2013

Into the Veneto Region

20130511-112324.jpgHere is where we are staying for a few nights….just on the north side of the Po river in the Veneto region. This is a lovely country house, only 6 rooms, with a splendid restaurant….We had lunch here yesterday when we arrived…..chicken breast in a creamy asparagus sauce. The salad you see is one half of an order…..we shared that one order!

Today we visited the city of Ferrara…other side of the Po, so part of Emilia-Romagna region. We had clouds in the morning, a 10 minute cloud burst about 1 pm, and sun the rest of the day. Ferrara is the birth place of Savanarola….I found his statue very scary.

20130511-113227.jpgThe castle here is undoubtedly the biggest we have ever seen. Huge moat around it and drawbridges.


Then there is the Cathedral…..


20130511-113646.jpgThis little outcropping along the side is unique….various colors of stucco with stores underneath the portico.

Bicycles are the main means of transportation in Ferrara. We saw lots of grandmas riding along with their shopping bags, wearing skirts and blazers, dodging all the pedestrians. That is Larry in the tan cap.

A famous “street” of town is the Via delle Volte; the merchants homes were on one side and their warehouses on the other and they were connected by passages above the street.

We had lunch in an osteria on this street…my pasta was heavy round noodles with heavy cream, ham and peas. Larry had the little hats stuffed with Hubbard squash in butter with orange zest. Yummy and we will need nothing tonight!

Tomorrow we take the train to Padua (Padova in Italian) for the day.


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