Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 10, 2013

Pennabilli & San Leo

Thursday was a beautiful sunny day. We made a gorgeous drive through th green hills of Northern Marche. Our first stop was in Pannabilli. There used to be 2 towns, Penna and Billi. They were on 2 rocks, but finally merged at the low point between.This photo was made as we descended into the village.

We parked in the center and walked up to the point on the left where we found this surprise.

20130510-102839.jpgYep, Tibetan prayer wheels and a bell. There were old prayer flags on the fence too. The story is that a monk from here, in the 18th century went to Tibet (how he got there and how long it took one wonders!) and he translated 32,000 words and brought them back here so the people would understand another culture. He was the first westerner to translate the Tibetan language. Then in 2005 the Dali Lama came to this tiny place! Neat story.

We drove on to our one night stop in San Leo. It is a hilltop (that is an understatement!) village with a huge fortress on top. The duomo has the remains of San Leo. We battled past many bikers on the winding narrow road with no shoulders (eek!) and as we drove through the little gate were surprised to find the street packed with a bus load of tourists walking up. The busses have to park way down the hill. This was the final part of the road and the gate.


20130510-103655.jpgAnd of course there was ONE pinch point and there were 2 cars coming out….we squeaked by with an inch or two on each side. An hour later everyone was gone…all the bikers, all the bus people and it was a beautiful afternoon….lots of sketching.

20130510-103925.jpgOur hotel is where the white umbrellas are.

This is the fortress and its position.


We had a wonderful lunch of rabbit with some kind of stuffing and delicious fries….we were very hungry and when half done realized we had not made a photo….but it was really good! Today we arrived near Ferrara where we will spend tomorrow and Sunday in Padua.


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