Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 8, 2013


20130508-104036.jpgWe did it again!!! Monday we drove through the town of Cagli….knew nothing about it, but what we did see warranted a day long visit. But, since it was market day, we could see nothing of the wonderful architecture due to vendors everywhere. So, we walked over the bridge, had a coffee, crossed back, looked for empty streets, decided to have an early lunch so that by 1:30, they would be gone…..and they were….except for the straggler.

Lunch was wonderful; started with mixed crostini (tomato & basil, artichoke and cheese, sausage with cheese and sage. Then the pasta; I had delicious cannelloni stuffed with beef and Larry had a huge pile of tagliatelle with tomato. Lovely little place too….seats 19.


20130508-104835.jpgHere are a few photos of the town and from the bridge….the mountains could not be any greener!




It was wonderful to see the sun come out this afternoon. Below is the view of the hills around Urbino from our room.

Tomorrow we leave here for San Leo….a castle perched on top of a rock. We will be there only one night as we will be there early enough to see it all in one afternoon.



  1. Very interesting skies in the photos, especially the one of the town square.

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