Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 7, 2013

Catch up time

Time to catch up….I had a post ready except for proofing last night….this morning it was nowhere to be found. It must be wandering around in cyber space somewhere. So, briefly, here is what I had covered:
Saturday we visited a monastery that our hosts wanted us to see. It is buried way back in the mountains and is huge. It was thundering all around us and as we left it started raining, so the photo is not as nice as we would have liked.

Sunday we spent the day in Fabriano….yes watercolor people, as in the famous paper. We took the 1.5 hr tour and it was most interesting to see the beater they had used in the past….all made of wood with nails to break down the cotton rags. Unfortunately, they did not allow photos. This is a photo of the main piazza in Fabriano….lunch time, drizzle, and empty.

Monday we left Sassoferrato for Urbino stopping in a few small villages. It was drizzly, so just snapped a few photos of the town of Pergola which had a lot of interesting old buildings.

We arrived at our hotel at the edge of Urbino and took the little bus to the center….DO NOT drive to the center! We were here 7 or 8 years ago and know better. The town was packed with groups of loud students on field trips….

Ah, but today we drove into the mountains to visit a small place, Sasocovara…..AND we even had some sunshine! We were able to sketch, had a fabulous lunch, drove back another way…very nice day.

20130507-095626.jpgWe ate at this little place. It is the little door on the bottom of the building to the left of the flower pot….but everyone knows about it. It seats about 26 people and was mostly full while we were there and more were coming in as we left.


20130507-095943.jpgThis is the local pasta made from old bread, eggs and cheese then put through a press to get the shape. It is a hearty pasta. This is mixed with cherry tomatoes, arugula and mozzarella…..just delicious! Larry had penne with ragu. Here is a photo I managed to get of the inside….this is all of the tables.

We stopped at 2 other little places on our way back….we only drove a total of 36 miles…..but on tiny, winding, bumpy roads, it took a lot of time.



  1. I should not read your posts before eating lunch. I am starving and the meal you had looks delicious. Pictures were all a lovely treat.

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