Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 4, 2013

Friday in Sassoferrato

Friday was one of THOSE days we hope to avoid….MARKET DAY. Vendors show up early, set up and EVERYONE comes to town to shop. Fortunately we were not driving as traffic is always unbearable. They sell everything from clothing to fresh produce to gadgets. It is sort of a mobile Wal-Mart. This is the only photo I could make with out blinding someone. Most areas are packed with people and getting through is difficult.They are open until about 1:00. Then they pack everything into their vans and will show up somewhere else tomorrow. I do not know where they go at night.


This is the same street at 2:30.

It was quite warm (81 degrees), but I thought I should walk up to the old town. I passed 2 ladies sitting on a bench along the path and started to ask if this was the right way (no signage, but the path did go up!) One of the ladies stood up, gave a big wave of her arm and they walked with me, passing one bench, but they stopped at the next one, where they let me take their photo.



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