Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 2, 2013

Sasdoferrato, Marche

Well, we tried to get the Ferrari at Hertz this morning….the best they could do was another car that started with an “F”, a Ford Focus. It is banged up on all 4 corners and a dent in the hood….Perfect!
Here it is:

We left Bologna in a light rain and 3 hours later arrived in Sassoferrato Le Marche. We had rented a beautiful apartment, but the previous renter had done some damage, so we are in a different one, but it is very nice….same building. The bonus is that this one has a washing machine which we did not expect to have at all this trip.


We drove up to the old town of Sasoferrato for lunch and just made it arriving at 2:30….it was delicious! This is the place and our waiter:

20130502-104236.jpgI had a dish that I love and have not had in many years (except at home….never as good at home) It is strips of beef with arugula and shaved Parmesan cheese. The beef was Sooo tender.

20130502-104420.jpgHere is some of Sassoferrato:


We had a guide for our mini tour….a cat that loved Larry (and we know how much Larry loves cats…this cat was disappointed that we did not want to go further on this path; we turned around, it stopped and starred at us, and then came back to walk us back into town.

20130502-105122.jpgWhen we reached its home, where we met it, it left us. I hope to return when the door is in sun as that lock is fabulous and it might become part of my new series.

It has been a full day and we will be eating in our big kitchen tonight….fresh goat ricotta, prociutto di Parma, bread….ahhhh.



  1. Beautiful photos and looks so much warmer than the winter weather we had on May 2nd. Can’t wait to see your lock series!

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