Posted by: 2 Travelers | May 1, 2013


We made it! We spent Wednesday walking all over the historical center of town. Lots of architecture and we walked to the University…very famous and old! It has been here since 1088….and that is NOT a typo….1088! 80,000 students now.Bologna is famous for its porticos….covered walkways that were originally made because of the number of students and the need for housing. People added space on the second story, and to support the weight, pillars were erected. People liked the look and were protected from rain. There are 40 miles of them in the city.


We had our espresso in a tiny bar this morning. The men were sitting outside as there are only 4 chairs inside and they like to visit with everyone passing by. I had to make this photo discretely, so I am sorry it fuzzed when I cropped it, but you should see the similarity.You have heard it said that people and their dogs look alike; this should prove it.


Today is a national holiday, like our Labor Day. People were all over the center city and streets were closed off to traffic. There were many street entertainers and craftsmen selling their products….mostly jewelry.


Also, Bologna is where tagliatelle and tortellini were created. This shop was amazing….so much fresh pasta and no way for us to cook it here!


And then there are the 2 most famous of many towers in the city……one is a bit crooked….


This is NOT our rental car, but we may try negotiating a deal on it when we pick up our car tomorrow.




  1. Do we need porticos to walk the Summit? LOL Really, though, they are beautiful. Also have to comment on how perfect Larry looks by the car. Does your rental even come close? LOL again!

    • Just wait til the next post…..

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